Happy clients!

Loyal customers

Nice to hear -and see that you appreciate our gesture so much. It was a great opportunity to congratulate you on the anniversary of De Laurier and your birthday, but above all to express our gratitude to you as our irreplaceable hostess!

private dining , 2021-2023

Catering at home

Thanks again for the good care, the nice compliment and the stunningly delicious food

Christmas , December 2023

Vegan Feast

Thanks for sending the delicious recipes, delicious!

meeting activity , December 2023

Corporate event on location

I would like to thank you very much for the fantastic program last week! Welcome and cozy! Thanks!

Christmas celebration production , December 2023

International menu

It was a super successful event! Nice days.

workshop , December 2023

French cuisine

Thanks again, we had a great evening!

family cooking workshop , November 2023

Arabic cooking class

Thank you Zoe! Was great yesterday!

cooking and table rituals , November 2023

Delicious laurier

many thanks it was delicious

dinner delivery , November 2023


Hi Zoe!! Yes, it turned out really well and such delicious bites  

Everyone was really surprised by the savory eclairs

The Pijp goodluck for the opening in the Pijp😉

opening store world of nix , November 2023

stunningly delicious

We thought it was an unique experience and the food was astonishingly delicious. What delicious recipes and super nice and charming chefs!

Worth repeating and I have already recommended you to other offices. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

company workshop , October 2023

Master chef

Hi Zoë, I really enjoyed last Saturday and Frederick was a very goog match!

cooking with a masterchef , September 2023

Lunch in the cooking studio

about team building – wonderful formula – meeting & cooking & having lunch together.

many thanks for the idea and the perfect fullfilment

daytime team building , September 2023


I would like to thank you for the festive welcome and the delicious dinner on Thursday. Naturally, it was creatively conceived and flawlessly executed, as if it all happened automatically. But I know with how much dedication and thought you have prepared all this down to the last detail. It is a great privilege to be able to leave such an important moment completely to you with full confidence. Many thanks for the great coordination.

location catering , August 2023

cooking workshop

The dietary wishes and restrictions were well taken into account and it really gave a very personal touch that they had a studio to themselves.

June 2023

How wonderful it was!

You worked incredibly hard, many thanks, and we all enjoyed it together.

June 2023

private dinner/party

It was so crazy last weekend.
Everything entrusted to you without any worries, what a wonderful feeling

June 2023

2 days of private summer party

Great and special weekend! What a party and everything was right. You had thought of everything and every little detail I saw and enjoyed it. All great things were great! Culinary bangers, wonderful tent, lighting, decoration and DJ. Great service and outdoor kitchen with top chefs. I enjoyed it so much because I didn’t have to worry about anything! And overwhelming feedback from my guests. You are unique Zoë!
June 2023

June 2023

Birthday cooking workshop lunch in the cooking studio

Celebrated my birthday with you in the Kookstudio yesterday and it was great!! We had a delicious meal and the guidance of the cooking was very good and nice by the chef and assistant! They had (finished) made the second and it was delicious.
I had a very nice birthday party. Thank you for your good care and thinking along.Ik heb een heel fijn verjaarsfeest gehad. Dank voor jullie goede zorgen en het meedenken.

June 2023

Thanks again for the super cooking course.
We all really enjoyed cooking and of course the delicious food.

May 2023

It was great yesterday Zoe! Delicious snacks and nice food pairing. Many thanks!!

May 2023


Dear Zoë, what an amazingly beautiful party it was last week. Your hand can be recognized very visibly (and also invisibly). And it’s actually a need for those who want to organize something great. Many thanks 

February 2023

Private dining

Gijs really cooked amazingly yesterday, and everything is so under control!

February 2023

Cooking workshop

Thanks for the very nice and well organized evening! We all found it very cozy and delicious.

February 2023

We had a fantastic evening and really enjoyed the dinner we served with your help, many thanks for that!

December 2022

Dear Zoë, what a brilliant evening you and your team have provided for us!!! We enjoyed it immensely and lie exhausted, satisfied and stretched out on the couch. Many thanks for an unforgettable birthday!!!!

November 2022

Ooh, that was a nice meal. Phew, delicious! The meat, so tender. Yum. 😁

Dear Zoë, this was such a wonderfully cared for, beautifully wrapped and precious Christmas dinner that you delivered to us 😘 we enjoyed it! Delicious and super easy to prepare 👍

That ossobuco: mmmmmmmmmmmm. Delicious.

hello Zoë, just a little bit about Wednesday’s dinner that was a highlight in this difficult time.
A historic minestrone and a more than excellent wild goulash.
And delicious it certainly was. And sooooo stress free, what a party!!!
I would like to thank you for the delicious food. It all looked very well cared for.

The sausage with stew was fabulous. Such good combinations and so fresh! Then shared 1 piece of cake. Also MJAM! Especially not too sweet and tasty bite 😎

Delicious food, looked so beautiful too!
Great success, looking forward to next week’s menu.

It was delicious! Thank you
We enjoyed it, more than enough too.
Nice wine with it, we’ll be back!

God you can cook so well…❤️😘

Hi, it was great yesterday, thank you!!

Super tasty meal! Thank you delicious@home van Kookstudio de laurier!

Delicious food from “de Laurier delicious @ home”

Tastes good!!! Thanks Zoë 👍🏼💥 delicious food Yes really delicious!!

I just wanted to let you know that everyone was full of praise for the stew yesterday and the cake was delicious too!

I would like to thank you for the delicious food. And it all looked well cared for.


Delicious it is ! , November 2020
Culinary praise

Thank you for your hospitality and your inspiration. You can be proud of yourself and your team. Extraordinarily beautiful entrepreneurship!

culinary praise @ ROBOX, August 20, 2020
ROBOX delicious and safe

Last night we did see the ROBOT spectacle. A meal out of the box beforehand.
Everything perfectly arranged as always.
We enjoyed it.

“Nice explanation of where the products come from, now I know what rubbish is”

‘ You have responded well to the various allergies. Top’

“Nice that we were informed about the origin of what was in your box. It was delicious!”

“Resolved very well with the Robox; Food was really very tasty.”

“Special to dine “out of the box”

ROBOX heerlijk en veilig, August 22, 2020

Staunton Legend presented the new line: Staunton by Sacha in Boutique Thalians, Willemsparkweg Amsterdam on June 27, 2020. Sacha de Boer was invited as guest of honor. De Laurier has arranged the catering down to the last detail. The profiteroles matched perfectly with our fashion presentation. Small, hip, surprising and clean! During the preparation, Zoë took the time to make proposals and to think along with us regarding our wishes in terms of presentation. We experience De Laurier as refined, fashionable and completely in line with our Label Staunton Legend. Until next time!
On behalf of the entire team,

Joran van Dam
Staunton Legend


Staunton Legend, 27 June 2020
And that at 1.5 meters

What a beautiful -literally & figuratively- afternoon and evening it was. The atmosphere was very good and the food very tasty. I found the preparation of the mushrooms in my vegetarian main dish particularly tasty.
Many thanks for thinking along and arranging a delicious dinner.

Dinner in your own garden, June 2020

First of all I would like to thank you very much for the amuse-bouches at Thalians in Amsterdam
My colleagues loved it and totally spot-on! Totally fashionable!

amuse delivery, July 2020

Dear Zoe! What a really delicious meal we had yesterday at De Laurier. Everyone was full of praise. I can only pass on the compliments…..

Private dining in de kookstudio, February 2020

Beste Zoe,

Dear Zoe,
We had a great evening yesterday. Thanks to all who assisted!

Company workshop in the studio, February 2020

May I thank you and your team for the great catering and the all taken care of evening!
It looked beautiful again and it tasted delicious! The clearing of plates and glasses also went so silently and smoothly, in short, everything was back
totally fine!

Dinner on location, January 2020

Dear Zoë, the lunch with 17 people went very well: we had a delicious meal and went through 11 bottles of wine plus your bubbles. Nevertheless, meetings are still held. I give to one of my colleagues your address. Please thank again the laurier team!

Meeting lunch & Amusecentrale, January 2020

I just want to email you to say that the lunch was very successful. Food was delicious. Absolutely great and many thanks.

Catering regular clientele, December 2019

Thanks for the amazing evening! We had a great time. I have received really nice comments from everyone.
Thank you so much for the good service, we felt very welcome!

Dinner at Room 59 61, December 2019

Wow! What a fantastic (Y)our Rights Festival we have had! More than 250 young people and 250 adults celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. They have learned and experienced about it together how you form and express your opinion. And they couldn’t have done it without you!
Thank you very much for contributing to this special day!

Full house decor en production, November 2020

King in the kitchen! This was very nice! Everyone had a really good time and we enjoyed the delicious meal. Super nice space – everything has been thought of!

Cooking studio rental , November 2019

Thank you for the warm welcome dear Zoë, and the delicious food! We had a delicious evening! 😘😘

Sara, August 2019

Event catering & backstage production
So glad you were there! And that you have taken on all challenges with cheerful spirit and flexibility! Really many thanks.

Canal Festival, August 2019

Last minute Location catering
Apologies are really not necessary, it was all last minute and then things like this happen. I am alone but glad that everything worked out and we / you could make everyone very happy again with nice food and drinks.

Simone, May 2019

Dear Zoë, I want to thank you so much for great party service last Friday!!! I’ve had parties catered before, but never been able to enjoy my own party as much as this time. Snacks and cocktail were delicious and everything ran so smoothly, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. And my friends also many compliments for the Laurierl! Thanks again to you and your super team. ❤❤❤❤

elise, April 2019

Thanks for the fun evening/afternoon!
Delicious food and enjoyed it very much!

edwin, May 2019

Are you coming to live with us? we never want service other than from the laurier

oscar , February 2019

Many thanks for the service – it was a very successful relaxed and unburdened dinner, definitely worth repeating!!

Vera, February 2019

I think you are really the best caterer in Amsterdam, or rather I’m sure!

Nelleke, 2019

I didn’t speak to you after dinner last night. I just wanted to encourage you, it was a very successful evening and we all really enjoyed the cooking and the dishes. Extra compliments to the assistants!

Hanna , December 2018