Cooking workshop

Kookstudio de laurier organizes cooking workshops and cooking courses in the heart of Amsterdam. Our chefs are experts in a wide range of cuisines. 

De laurier stands out in its self-composed, inviting and accessible meals and recipes so it is fun and challenging for everyone to participate in one of our workshops. 

Under professional guidance you will learn the ins and outs so that after the workshop you can spoil and impress your friends, family or yourself at home. Think of a French three-course meal or an Italian menu with homemade pasta. Delicious tapas from the Turkish cuisine or delicacies from South Africa. 

At the bottom of the page you can see the current workshop offerings for the upcoming period. You can sign up directly here and if you would like to attend a workshop with a group, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Cooking Course

In addition to our workshops consisting of several evenings or sessions, it is also possible to follow a class of about 2.5 hours in one evening. 

Are you looking for a special team-building activity or for a fun activity with friends or family? Then look no further: kookstudio de laurier is the place where this can all be made possible. The kitchen in the cooking studio is equipped with all necessities and can accommodate up to 14 cooks. Under the guidance of one of the chefs, various dishes will be prepared. Afterward, participants are invited to the table to indulge together in their self made dinner. 

For 14 people or more, de laurier suggests combining the cooking with a wine tasting. Are you just present to have a good time, chill and/or drink some wine? Then that is of course more than possible! The group is divided into “cooks” and “wine lovers”. While the cooks prepare all the dishes, the wine lovers explore the wines and do the wine pairing. 

De laurier tries to make sure that tasks are divided as well as possible so that everyone has a pleasant evening. In case you have any allergies, or intolerances or have a special diet, just let us know and we will take this into account for the recipes.

Cooking with the family

De laurier is both for young and old, which is why we also provide the opportunity to follow a course together with your children. We will put together dishes that both you and your children will appreciate and can prepare. A very fun activity for the whole family. 


Be it knife skills & cooking techniques, assembling sauces or baking, there is a class available for you at kookstudio de laurier.

Steam ovens and combi-steam ovens are here to stay. Restaurants have been using them for years and for good reason. In these ovens, your food does not dry out and vitamins, color, and aroma are well preserved. Anyone can work with them! Moreover, they are much faster than traditional ovens. In the cooking studio, there are no less than eight such revolutionary ovens.

With, especially for cooking enthusiasts at home, appealing recipes. Will you come and experiment in our kitchen? 

Be inspired by the flavors of the season

In addition to the above themed menus, de laurier also likes to work with monthly menus inspired by products of the season. 

The flavors of winter: earthy, wild & sweet. With ingredients such as chicory, shallots, wild mushrooms, walnuts and plums. 

De laurier buys as much as possible from local stores, so only the best ingredients and products are used. You can really taste this in the dishes!

Allergies, intolerances or diets are no problem at de laurier, just let us know and we will take this into account.

Dietary requirements

Over the years, de laurier has become quite the expert in allergen-free cooking.

Based on the belief that everyone should be able to eat healthy and delicious food, de laurier founded the concept “Vrij Voedsel”, which is the offering of a diverse range of foods for festival attendees that are gluten and lactose free. De laurier is proudly able to call itself a specialist in this field. They put together meals that are healthy, low in calories and are mindful of allergies and intolerances.

De laurier understands like no other the needs of the cooking enthusiast at home and therefore the meals are relatively accessible, but highly appealing. In other words, full of flavor and free of allergens, that is. 


Below are our upcoming cooking workshops. You can register directly online.

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Out of kitchen

de laurier is closed till the end of august
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