Alexander - vegan chef

Vegan chef Alexander Gershberg is a chef, cooking teacher and cookbook author who brings healthy and delicious food to you in different ways.

Take a cooking class or be surprised by a vegan dinner with a private dining dinner in the cooking studio.

Hana - cooking workshops & private dining

The colorful cuisine of Jordan in the Jordaan! After many years, Hana has left Singapore and started a new adventure at kookstudio de Laurier where she takes you along the 1001 secrets of authentic Arabic cuisine. With the stories, the flavors and the colors you get completely lost in the 1001 night atmospheres right in the middle of the Jordaan. 

Paulami - cooking workshops & private dining

Spices are not only meant to give taste to traditional and modern Indian cuisine, but also play a major role in Indian life. Paulami knows all about this and even wrote a cookbook about it: “De bijbel van de Indiase Keuken”, translating to “The Bible of Indian Cuisine”. You will learn, taste and laugh together with the incredibly welcoming Paulami. 

Spice up your appetite! 

Erica - cooking workshops & private dining.

Italian as Italian is meant to be: dishes that are pure, honest, delicious and full of passion. Erica has been offering a wide range of cooking activities & experiences: recipe development, workshops, food styling and catering. Cooking with Erica is really a treat as well as cozy.

Petra - workshop and private dining

Petra is happy to take you on a culinary journey through the rich Indonesian spices and authentic recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Her affinity with cooking, learned from her mother and grandmother, is always a source of inspiration.

Monica - cooking workshops & private dining

This Amsterdam chef started the first traiteur in Amsterdam in the 1990s and immediately combined that with teaching cooking classes. If anyone has good taste and knows what it takes to prepare different dishes, it is Monica! Cooking together with Monica just makes life tastier.

Wonko – Korean Kitchen

Participate in a Korean cooking workshop under the guidance of a Korean chef and make the most famous Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, Banchan, and Gogigui. Cook together and finish with shared dining on the Korean grill.

Gijs Goesting – private diner

Goesting means hunger, lust, appetite or in other words desire for something delicious. This promising young chef knows how to combine his professional kitchen knowledge and his own signature touch. Come and enjoy a private dinner in the cooking studio.

Alba - culinary Tapa’s

Alba born and born in Barcelona She is a chef specialized in culinary Tapa preparations.

She has now settled in Amsterdam where she guides workshops with just as much passion and experience and not only
learns to cook but also lets you experience the pleasure of learning to cook And off course she shares her Sangria secrets with you.

Eliane - cooking workshops, private dining and (wine) tastings

Une expérience française, that is how an evening with our professional chef Eliane is characterized. Together with Eliane you taste and learn everything from the sophisticated French Cuisine. She passionately shares her knowledge while preparing and indulging in Mediterranean Cuisine. 


From saté kambing to Gado Gado, and from Soto Ayam to Rendang. Maureen takes you through an extensive journey of Indonesian cuisine. It’s Maureen’s gift; she has already written two books full of recipes handed down to her by her mother. Learn all the ins and outs of this delicious cuisine in our cooking studio. 

Walter Abma – Groenten workshops

A vegetable workshop by Walter Abma, the man who started and ran the garden of restaurant de Kas teaches you all about vegetables. 

Ever since I was young, I have been growing vegetables and herbs. My grandfather was a vegetable grower in the Beemster. I came there very often as a child, even had my own little garden there. My grandmother cooked with the produce my grandfather grew. That’s where I learned: If you combine good flavors, you get the tastiest dishes.


Prices from 90 euro p.p. excluding drinks, incl. coffee/tea/water

Drinks package at 17.50 p.p. or based on amounts consumed, to be calculated and paid afterwards.

Minimum number of persons 6 or standard rate of 510 euro